Nikki’s Closet

Organic Cotton Robe

We consider organic cotton to be a living organism and we know that organic cotton clothing provides a safe environment for the body as well as for the Earth. Because of its purity, organic cotton is naturally softer, hypoallergenic, more comfortable, breathable, warming or cooling to the body, and perspiration-resistant.

  • Manufactured using only the best organic cottons
  • Cotton grown without the use of pesticides
  • Low impact on the environment

Organic Cotton Robe

Nikki Green Bucket Set
  • Beautiful vintage bucket
  • Must-have leisure and pleasure for your pet
  • Great gift for your loved one
  • Includes 1 Nikki Green Shampoo, 1 Toy and 1 Natural Brush.

Bucket Gift Set

Natural Hair Brush
  • 100 % Natural
  • Soft Bristles for a Gently Cleanse
  • Revitalizing Scrubb for a Healthier Skin
  • Dimensions: 3.25″ 3.25″ x 1″

natural hair brush

Doggy Bath Robe Gift Set
  • Natural Hair heart shaped brush
  • 8oz Nikki Green Olive Oil Shampoo
  • Organic Cotton Bathrobe

Bath Robe Gift Set

Doggy Shaped Towels
  • Non-deforming, 100% cotton
  • Towel size 30×30 cm, shape size 7x8x10 cm
  • Strong water absorbency

It makes a great gift for you and  for the dogs. Comes in pink,white,brown and yellow colors.
Doggy Shaped Towels