What is the story behind Posh&Co?

Posh & Co was established in 2007 in Miami, Florida. The founders Jasmine & Alex Sopp are both coming from different career backgrounds. Jasmine, is from Turkey and studied interior design in Miami. Alex, is from Norway and came to Miami to work in the ship industry as an engineer. When they got married, Jasmine thought it would be a great idea to bring natural products from Turkey, since Olive Oil soaps are very traditional. The story of Olive Oil soaps goes to ancient times.

As the world is going more Green everyday, we both try to live in a clean, safe and natural environment. I even make my own cleaning products for house cleaning!

The more we read and meet people in this industry, the more eco-conscious we became.

After launching our natural soap line for humans, we thought it would be a great idea to make a natural shampoo for the dogs.

First, we tried on our yellow lab, Nikki and we got amazing vibes from friends and family. Her coat became shinier, and softer.That’s how Nikki Green was born.

We are very excited to launch our Pure Olive Oil dog Shampoo Nikki Green! We want all the dogs go green like us.

About Nikki

I have a confession to make. I wasn’t always the cleanest, greenest, happiest dog around. Luckily, my canine fate changed on one very special day.After taking a refreshing dip in the pool, I dried off in the dirt as I typically do.Summoned to the bathtub immediately, my mom began to panic, realizing she had run out of dog shampoo. Instinctively, she quickly grabbed her own hand-crafted Turkish olive oil soap for my bath.

What a difference pure ingredients can make!

My naturally-clean, lavender-scented coat was now soft and shiny and needless to say, I was the talk of the town! That’s because olive oil, one of the main ingredients in Nikki Green, (along with Mediterranean Sea salt and essential oils) is a natural anti-oxidant, which moisturizes and soothes my delicate coat, making it extra shiny and incredibly soft to touch.

And you’ll be happy to know our eco-friendly shampoo products are never, ever tested on animals! We also stay away from nasty chemicals, toxins and artificial colors that can harm and dull a dog’s precious coat! Since that day, I’ve been a green dog and recommend all my four-legged friends to go Nikki Green.

Try it once, and you’ll never go back to ordinary dog shampoos! Nikki Green for a greener planet and an even greener pooch!

Thank You!
Love, Nikki (woof, woof)